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Dealing with disconnect

If you think about it
, it’s a contradiction in terms for a Christian to be described as ‘disconnected’. That’s because we believe God created us to be connected to him and people in order to live a happy and fulfilled life.

God made us spiritual beings and only when we have a close, personal relationship with him is that satisfied. God also created us to be social beings; two really are better than one (Eccl 4:19) and we therefore need a matrix of healthy relationships. So, in Christ we are connected – to God and people. Why then do we sometimes experience a sense of ‘disconnect’ from God or people … or both?

‘Disconnect’ is either a deliberate choice or an accident. Be honest, sometimes we deliberately disconnect from people we don’t like, or who have misused us. We say to ourself, ‘I will never let them that close to me again’ and emotionally we disconnect. We even do it to God. If we suspect he favours others over us or that he has let us down, we can inwardly disconnect from trusting him like we once did. That’s deliberate. It happens deep inside us. Others may never see it but we feel it, and it changes us as people.

Then there are times when we suddenly become aware we feel disconnected from God or people and don’t immediately know why! We suddenly feel outside the group, the church or even God’s will. Life does that to us if we aren’t concentrating. It has a way of bumping into us, stuff happens and in the busyness we become disconnected by accident.

However your disconnect got there, it must be fixed. And fast! Your ‘disconnect’ is slowly killing you both spiritually and socially. Please deal with your disconnect!

How? By listening to this recent message. It will help you far more than me writing it all down. It’s a free podcast and can be shared freely with anyone you feel may benefit.

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