Stephen Matthew - Church Consultant & Author

Make it Real

We all have dreams. But dreams quickly become fantasies unless we develop a plan and work toward making them a reality.

Knowing this, we do two things: We first work hard to do what we can to make the dream a reality and secondly, we put our faith in God’s ability to do what only he can do. And he always does: God works on our behalf behind the scenes in ways that never cease to amaze us. So the dream becomes a reality through a combination of our endeavour and God’s enabling.

If we are honest, the temptation we face is to leave it all to God’s enabling rather than our endeavour. But no matter how many promises we have from God, we must always be willing to do our part and work with him, taking clear steps of faith towards making our dream a reality.

In this message we explore the practical commitments God asks from us if we are to ‘Make It Real’ by working with him to make the dream a reality. I spoke this message to a church with a big dream in Wigan – – but the principles are universal and will help you realise yours too.



Stephen Matthew is a gifted Bible teacher, author and committed church-builder with over 35 years of experience in Christian ministry.