Stephen Matthew - Church Speaker, Coach, Consultant


Being a ‘teacher type’ I sometimes get asked by leaders I work with to cover very specific topics when I speak at their churches. And recently the request was, ‘Can you please speak on suffering?’ I’ll be honest … initially my heart sank … but then quickly rose again as I reflected on just how important this subject is for every Christian.

Suffering is something we all face and have to wrestle with. And I have come to the conclusion that unless every Christian is armed with a clear biblical understanding of suffering, they may be damaged by it simply because they were not equipped to navigate it in the way God intended.

This message is now a favourite of mine. I have seen so many find peace in their pain and divine strength to press through their suffering as they begin to understand the dynamics at work. My approach is quite ‘panoramic’ and much more could be said on the subject, but I pray it will set you on a course of knowing how to walk with God through suffering and pain like never before.



Stephen Matthew is a gifted Bible teacher, author and committed church-builder with over 35 years of experience in Christian ministry.