The Candles

The Candles

Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God

2 Cor 2:15

In the depth of winter, when the days are short, cold and dreary, we are often heard to say, ‘Get the candles on’. The flicker of a warm flame creates instant atmosphere, cosiness and fills the house with the delightful fragrance of Christmas… well it does in ours because we love the festive fragrances best of all.

After a while, you become less aware of the fragrance because you’re immersed in it. But if you leave the room and re-enter, it hits you again. Ah … so nice.

The Christian life’s like that. Our lives have a fragrance, the fragrance of Christ. We live life immersed in his love, life and values. And people notice, especially when they first enter the atmosphere of our lives and homes.

But just as not everyone likes the same fragrant candles, our ‘fragrance of Christ’ is not appreciated by everyone. Those seeking God tend to love it; it resonates with the search they are on – they ‘follow their nose’. But those opposed to God and his ways find it dreadful because it exposes their sinfulness (2 Cor 2:15-16).

So, what are we to do? Keep the candle burning. Live the fragrant life of Christ for no one other than God himself. Remember, ‘our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God’ (v15), not to anyone else. They are just the beneficiaries of it, or otherwise.

You are a ‘life-giving perfume’ (v16). ‘Get the candles on’.



Stephen Matthew is a gifted Bible teacher, author and committed church-builder with over 40 years of experience in Christian ministry.