The Valuation

The Valuation

Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart

1 Samuel 16:7

Having been a professional property valuer, I understand how it is done; it is based mainly on comparisons and scarcity.

So, when a surveyor came to value our house, I was keen to ask him a few questions about how he’d arrived at the number he came up with. In particular I wanted to know what had he compared our house with to arrive at this valuation?

Life’s like that. We tend to value things, people and even ourselves by comparisons. Even intangible things like a person’s goodness or spirituality are treated the same way, and it is just not wise.

The Bible says that ‘When they value themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise’ (2 Cor 10:12).

Your value to God is not based on how you compare with someone else. You are unique, a treasure so rare that he was willing to pay the ultimate price to have a relationship with you. He sees your heart (1 Sam 16:7), knows there is only one of you and loves you unconditionally.

I’d like to see you put a valuation on that!



Stephen Matthew is a gifted Bible teacher, author and committed church-builder with over 40 years of experience in Christian ministry.