Bringing the Bible to Life


The Bible is unique. It is the Christian’s guide to life and shapes our belief system, doctrine and practice. It teaches us all about God and how to live the life he has given us to the full. The Bible is our reference point for everything.

But it is more than a book. The Bible is also the vehicle of God’s life to you; it interacts with you as you read it because the Spirit of the author also lives in you! It is therefore vital that you read it, understand it and outwork its teaching. These lessons are designed to bring your Bible to life.

We first deal with how the Bible came to us from God, how it fits together and what its component parts are. Then explore what makes the Bible authoritative and look at how we can be sure to interpret it correctly. But most importantly, we show you how to get the Bible off the page and into action in your life. Living the “abundant life” means bringing your Bible to life! Here are the keys.

The Abundant Life Skills Series

Equipping you to live an abundant life

God’s will is for every Christian to enjoy an abundant life on earth followed by an eternal life in heaven. It should just get better and better! But living it to the full takes skill and application.

This series of pocket-size Bible studies is designed to put tools in your hands for that purpose. And the more you use them, the more skilled you will become at living a successful Christian life.

Each Abundant Life Skills title is packed with God’s Word, so reading it takes you on a Bible study through the subject and teaches you what God says about it. These small-format resources are ideal for individual or group study.

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