Rooting Out Relationship Killers


Healthy relationships enrich our lives like nothing else.

We all want them and can have them if we embrace the principles explored by Stephen Matthew in this practical book.

He unpacks the idea that nurturing and maintaining a healthy relationship is much like gardening. The soil of the relationship must be cultivated by rooting out any “weeds” that may threaten to stifle or kill the relationship in question, and it must also be nourished with appropriate relationship “feeds” to ensure fruitfulness and continued health.

This life-affirming, positive book aims to strengthen and enrich all our relationships, keeping them healthy and strong. It is both positive – in that it focuses on relationship building – and it is preventative, because if we take the advice offered here, we can avoid the pain of major relationship dysfunction.

Stephen’s book will make you a better friend, husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, team member, business partner, leader, manager or employee. As a result, your life will enrich those you relate to and do them good too. Everyone wins when we build relationships God’s way.

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What others are saying about Rooting Out Relationship Killers:

‘Nothing matters like relationships. In this practical book Stephen shares down-to-earth wisdom to help us protect, strengthen and restore them.’

Rob Parsons, Founder and Chairman, Care for the Family

‘Every human being needs and desires healthy relationships. Everyone needs a relational environment where they can share and process life – a place where the ups and downs, the joys, excitement and the tragedies can be shared. Stephen Matthew’s ‘Rooting out relationship killers’ will give you a biblical way of looking at relationships and will give you ideas to keep this important area of your life strong and healthy. It’s a great read for everyone, regardless your age or stage of life as we all want meaningful and thriving relationships.’

Pastor Gary Clarke, Lead Pastor, Hillsong Church London

‘This book is a gift to all who are seeking the wisdom to not just survive relationships, but to thrive within them.

It flows from the pastoral heart of one of the most faithful and dedicated leaders we have had the privilege to share life with, as both friend and fellow-leader. Stephen’s relational investment has made our lives and churches all the richer.

We recommend this book to every person: from married to single, young to old, and pastors to new believers. Within its pages are keys that will enable you to enjoy the harvest only wise relational investments can bring, a harvest that will last for years to come.’

Steve & Charlotte Gambill, Lead Pastors, LIFE Church UK

‘What an absolutely practical book packed full of wisdom and insight on navigating, growing and strengthening the most important part of life – relationships. In ‘Rooting Out Relationship Killers’, Stephen identifies the many challenges, strains and mistakes that can so easily destroy relationships and gives clear, proven and life changing teaching that will transform your relationships and how you do life with others. Whether you need to see a relationship restored and reconciled or a healthy relationship become richer and stronger, this book gives you the tools to do it.’

Clive Urquhart, Senior Leader, Kingdom Faith

‘Steve’s latest book is filled with helpful insights and wise observations of how to develop healthy relationships in all spheres of life. If read and acted upon, there is wisdom here to help many avoid the pain of broken relationships.’

Stuart Bell, Senior Pastor, New Life Lincoln and Leader of the Ground Level network

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